Commercial Property Tenant Lockout

You’ve considered all the options and you now you need to draw a line in the sand and lock out the tenant of which is going to be complicated and time-consuming.

No need for you to be stressed and have the ongoing face-to-face with the agro Tenant and or being present for the uncomfortable stressful presence of the Tenant lockout.

This scenario is happening every week ! where the tenant is unlikely to recover from the loss and is behind the rent and has been given plenty of notice to remedy the monies owed.

Typical Bad Tenants > Offices, Industrial/Warehouse, Showrooms.

Yes we can assist you with locking out a commercial tenant.
We have guards highly trained in conflict management to lock out and secure the premises and deal with any communications and aggressions that the tenant wishes to Express.

You can hire our trained security guards, who will assist you on the day when the locksmith and you or your agent are on site to do the tenant lockout.

After the site is secure our guards will ensure no unauthorized access is allowed and supervise any approved access to have tenants’ belongings removed.

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