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Hire a Private Bodyguard Chauffeur Driver Security Guards Melbourne Private...

Hire a Private Bodyguard Chauffeur Driver
Security Guards Melbourne Private Bodyguard Chauffeur Drivers can take you any where in one of our fleet cars (e.g: Audi Q5) , from short trips to the airport or going out to an event / party, your personal close protection Security Bodyguard will insure your safety.

No more waiting for a random un known Taxi or Uber driver any more ! Your secure chauffeur driver melbourne is booked and will never be late and will be always available to take you and group to your next location. You have the comfort of knowing that the driver is dressed in suit, is  a licensed Security Guard licenced by the Victoria Police and has advanced training to handle all situations.

Tonights Scenario: Your Dressed up in your finest Suit or Dress and have put on the best Jewellery and your absolutely stunning !   Have you ever tried to go out to a nice restaurant in Flinders lane or Chapel street !  China Town , maybe the Flower Drum ? Parking is very limited and most times you have to park a long way away with the risks relating to having to walk the distance in your High Heals 👠like some well dressed vagrant ! No thank you

Concert Scenario: You have the Tickets to an amazing Theatre or Concert Hall in Melbourne, you have booked the Personal Driver👮🏻and your Dressed up and every one is absolutely stunning !   You know that you will have to walk kilometers to get to and from the venue as parking is none existing in and around the venue. Plus every one will be dancing during the night and the last thing you need is to have to walk a great distance to the carpark or public transport. No thank you !

Drinking Scenario: Your going out with friends and family in Melbourne, its not fare that someone out of the group has to be the designated driver and parking is again going to be a real hassle, so you choose to booked your Personal Driver👮🏻 who will pick every one up and take you to and from the restaurant or venues. 

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Additional Armed Guard is optional ( conditions apply )

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Email: contact@securityguards.melbourn

Our Bodyguards are monitored by a very clever App with GPS GOOGLE MAPPING systems to provide service verification and quality assurance across our guarding operations, this same APP which also gives the logs the movements of personnel on site. This clever App is used via smart phones that is monitored by our operations managers 24 hours per day. Victoria Mobile security SERVICES, ONSITE SECURITY GUARD,

Security Guards Melbourne ACN: 121-241-674 | ABN: 75-121-241-674 (since 2006)
A Melbourne Security Guard Provider that you can trust.

Fully licensed by the Victoria Police & NSW Police:
Victorian Firearms License: 758-987-50H I Security Business license: 758-987-02S I Private Security Business Registration: 758-987-60S
NSW Master Licence: 000101552  I  ASIAL member: 041563 I Victoria Police Vendor: 14289

Public Liability $10,000,000 any one occurrence
Financial Loss $2,000,000
Goods in Care, Custody & Control $250,000
Loss of Keys $500,00
Loss of Money $100,000 any one Period of Insurance

Certificate of currency available, just drop us a email