We recommend the correct amount of Crowd controllers before quoting, however, if the client wishes to have less Security Guards then what is recommended, the client gives full Indemnity for any claims, losses, damages or refunds.

Crowd controllers, licensed under the Private Security Act, are to be employed at a ratio of 2 crowd controllers for the first 100 patrons and 1 crowd controller for each additional 100 patrons or part thereof.

To the extent allowed by law, the client agrees, consents to, and acknowledges that,

  1. Corrective Services Pty Ltd expressly denies any responsibility for, and cannot be held liable for, any actions or damage caused by any third parties, to anyone or site, whether or not the site was under the direct or indirect supervision of Corrective Services Pty Ltd at the time.
  2. Corrective Services Pty Ltd does not and cannot provide any guarantees in respect of any site or guarantee the prevention of any act by any persons on any site under its supervision or control.
  3. The client holds Corrective Services Pty Ltd fully indemnified against any proceedings that may arise to attempt recovery for the costs of any such damage.
  4. The client hereby states that their event has all necessary insurance coverage, permits and licences,  including public liability for their respective event.

Basic Terms:

Rates are based on the availability of guards in the area where the service is required, additional fees maybe be applied if outside services areas or regional.
Rates do not include additional fees for public holidays or exceptional conditions.
All new & casual clients bookings are on a PRE-PAID SERVICE terms, if you would like to proceed please reply that you accept the quote so we can send you a Tax invoice for payment. Late booking fees may apply after 2:00 pm (same day)
No Refunds For Cancelled Bookings within 24 hours.

Cancellations 48 hours prior to the booking incur a $100 fee.

Online Credit Card payments ( fees apply 1.75% + $3.06)
Sorry No Cheques and NO Cash

Privacy & Confidentiality

    1. No Client or Security Guard is to exchange Phone numbers and or personal details unless prior written approval from the Company Management.
    2. No Client is to pay directly the security for any services provided.
    3. All booking are to be made through the company either by email or by phone.