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We have Well-trained, always reliable and professional Sydney Security Guards through out Sydney.

~ Pre Selected Experienced Presentable Security Guards.
~ Timestamped Site Photos Verification if requested.
~ First aid Trained and able to assist.

~ Security I.D Tag & Security HiVis Vest or Uniform.
~ Back to base 24 hr monitored by supervisor.
~ GPS Tracking Site verification.
~ Working With Children Checked.
~ Daily Reports reported through our App.
~ Fully insured and Compliant.

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⚠️ Cancellations 24 hours prior to the booking incur a $100 fee. ⚠️ No refunds 12 hours prior to booking.

Choose From Different Types Of Security Guards

Basic ~ Licenced Security Guard Sydney Certificate II in Security Operations~ Monitors and Reports ONLY ~ Visible deterrent ONLY~ Perimeter checks ~ Instructional requests ~ Integration with Local Police ~ Asset Protection ~ Back to Base Monitoring, new guard to the industry and or student visa.

Standard ~ Licenced Security Guard Sydney, Certificate II in Security Customer Care, ~ One or Two Years Experience ~ Static ~ Crowd Controller ~ First Aid Trained ~ Dress code: Black ~ Security I.D Number ~ Events ~ Party ~ Private event. ~ RSA trained ~ Greeting Patrons ~ Visible deterrent ~ Loss Prevention ~ Parking Marshall. we always recommend two.

Premium ~ Licenced Security Guard Sydney, Certificate III in Security Operations “When first impressions matter” Black Suit & Smart Attire. ~ Years of experience with advanced training ~ Superior Customer Service ~ Conflict Management ~ Crowd control ~ Security I.D Tag ~ Visible deterrent ~ Doorman ~ First Aid Trained ~ Invitation list checks ~ Perimeter checks ~ Instructional requests ~ Integration with Local Police ~ Asset Protection.

Bodyguards Close Protection Officers.Sydney 
Bodyguard Services available in Sydney with proven experience, Bodyguard training, and Licence, Certificate III in Security Armed, Tactical provides Domestic, corporate & Celebrity clients with Close Protection With constant security management in high-risk and or high-profile cases, with persons who will need a Close Protection Officers in Sydney. The door-to-door Protection when you need peace of mind of being safe.

Events and Licenced Venues are subject to the crowd controllers act- for an event, party or venue, it is a requirement to have TWO Licenced Crowd Controllers for the first 100 and for every 100 after ONE extra Licenced Crowd Controller.


There are several factors that contribute to the varying levels of cost for hiring a security guard. These factors include:

  1. Level of Experience and Expertise: Security guards with more experience or specialized skills and certifications generally command higher rates. Guards with extensive training in areas such as crowd control, executive protection, or advanced surveillance techniques may come at a higher cost due to their specialized knowledge and abilities.
  2. Qualifications and Training: Security guards who have undergone comprehensive training programs, possess relevant certifications (such as first aid or CPR), or have specific industry knowledge may charge higher rates. Their additional qualifications and skills make them more capable of handling various security situations effectively.
  3. Type of Security Service: Different security services have varying levels of complexity and require different skill sets. For example, hiring a security guard for a high-profile event or executive protection may involve more extensive training and preparation, which can increase the cost compared to hiring a guard for basic access control or patrol duties.
  4. Level of Risk and Threat: The level of risk and threat associated with the assignment can impact the cost of hiring security guards. High-risk environments, such as construction sites, VIP protection, or areas with a history of security incidents, may require additional security measures and specialized guards, which can lead to higher costs.
  5. Duration and Hours of Service: The duration and hours of service required also influence the cost. Hiring security guards for a shorter period or during peak hours may be more expensive compared to longer-term contracts or off-peak times. Overtime rates may also apply if guards are required to work beyond standard hours.
  6. Additional Services and Equipment: If additional services or specialized equipment are required, such as CCTV monitoring, alarm response, or access control systems, it can contribute to the overall cost. These extra services often require additional training, equipment, or personnel, which are reflected in the pricing.
  7. Geographic Location: The cost of hiring security guards can vary depending on the geographic location. Factors such as the local cost of living, prevailing wages, and demand for security services in the area can influence the rates charged by security providers.
  8. Reputation and Quality of Service: Security companies with a proven track record of providing high-quality services and maintaining client satisfaction may charge higher rates compared to less established or lower-quality providers. Reputation, reliability, and the ability to deliver exceptional security solutions can affect the cost of hiring security guards.

It’s important to remember that while cost is a significant consideration, it should not be the sole factor when choosing a security provider. The level of experience, expertise, and quality of service should also be carefully evaluated to ensure that the security guards meet the specific requirements of the assignment and provide effective security solutions.